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Originally Posted by DanEC View Post
OK - my mistake. Do all 3 lines hook up to the one reservoir?
Hi Dan,

Yes, the clutch line comes into the side about half way down - the two brake lines come into the bottom, one on each side of the divider in the reservoir. So, if you had a leak in the brake system that drained the fluid, you would still have either the front or rear brakes since the lines are separate and there are actually two reservoirs in the reservoir housing. If you had a leak in the clutch system that drained the fluid, you'd lose the clutch but still have front and rear brakes since the clutch line is half way down the reservoir.

I've read Patrick's thread on how to make the cans stop spitting and maybe I'll tackle that someday. Although the BMW reservoir is very functional, it does look out of place. Maybe I could fabricate a can-like cover for it that would at least look like something from the 60's

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