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In a word, NO!

The RaceLogic traction control system the OP spoke to is antique technology that is more than a decade old and uses fuel cuts of varying severity to progressively reduce engine power to control traction. While there are much better ways to do the job w/o forcing the engine into a lean condition, the forced lean might be OK for a n/a engine. It is disaster for a supercharged engine. Supercharged engines forced lean will burn pistons and backfire blowers. This approach is a big time no-no for blower motors.

The 'correct' or best approach available today is to pull timing which will also preclude wheel spin and in a worst case scenario foul the plugs because the engine got too rich.

Virtually all the top line EFI offerings today have some variation of this better approach. TC systems that cut ignition or lean the motor out should be avoided at all costs — they kill engines especially supercharged engines. If you are looking for an economical ECU with TC for your engine you will want to use a MS3Pro or MS3Pro PnP system from <= clickable.

One of several prepackaged (that means as delivered in the ECU s/w) TC systems they offer is percentage slip based. You specify the percentage slip you are willing to tolerate before pulling power (timing) and the ECU will moderate your power at the tire to just below the slip percentage you have specified. The beauty of the slip percent based approach is it works on any road surface from dirt to asphalt.


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