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jkilstrom - that makes two of us with Coyote + A&C! I am subscribing as I want to see if I have the same issue you're running into and how you fixed it. I'm running Willwood brakes on 17" wheels.

How did you do the steering? I had to run three joints with a bearing support and also significantly modify (replace) the factory motor mounts. Did you also have a ton of fun modifying the firewall and foot boxes for clearance with the cam covers?

Regarding the sale of the company - I've worked with Ron a few times on ordering parts and technical inquiries on my build. I had a couple of complications with the delivery of my Cobra that included a damaged door. I didn't notice the door was damaged as it was still in the wrap until a month or two after delivery. That was totally my fault for not checking this at delivery time, so I was fully expecting that I'd have to buy a new door from them and called asking how much a replacement would be. Instead they replaced it almost no questions asked.

In short, I would not be worried about the company changing hands as Ron seems like a very honest guy and wants to make sure the customers are taken care of.
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