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Originally Posted by USC_COWBOY View Post
Why is that? We group speak on everything else. Why is it that whenever a question arises regarding SAAC or the management thereof is under the microscope, spines melt?

I am sure there are other discussions that have occurred and information is already public.
When you say "SAAC management", it sounds like SAAC is a fairly large business. But it seems to me that its probably more of an enthusiast hobby for the people in charge and they must have real day jobs to pay their bills. There are a few thousand members and the annual membership fee is $50. Is the annual membership dues collected from all members enough to pay a single person's annual salary after you take out all the expenses for the annual magazine, running the website, etc. I don't know. It seems that registrars like Ned are doing this more for their passion for the cars than getting a few bucks out of it.

Anyway, outside of SAAC, it seems that CompClassics has some information on the lawsuit that got the title back to the guy who apparently bought the wreck. Maybe he knows that timeframe of when the lawsuit took place?
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