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Originally Posted by mrmustang View Post

Do not treat the car as an "investment for the future", but instead a shiny toy you want to own. Why, simple, because Shelby Enterprises is still pumping them out as fast as they can sell them, thus further diluting the market.
I think you'll find that a Shelby CSX car will retain its value or slightly appreciate over the purchase price. I'll assert that it will apply to Kirkham and a well built Superformance will to a lesser degree. I made a slight amount when I sold my CSX (maybe because of the carbon fiber). When adding the standing-still costs of insurance and license/registration I basically broke even. Older cars will have more of a gain than newer cars. The reason is that all of these, if built and maintained well, track the cost of replacement with a new one.

PS: I'm betting that during his lifetime, CS signed over 100,000 items, some are his actual signature, some are robo signatures he himself authorized. Sadly, they are both worth less today, than when they were originally signed. Value, sentimental more than monetary. Again, sorry.

PSS: I'm also betting that after is passing, the robo signing of his name continued, thus diluting the "value" you speak about above. Again, sorry.
You could send anything to the foundation and have it signed. Glove box covers were probably the most popular item. I'd wager that a '07 Shelby GT500 Mustang WITHOUT a signature on the dash is rarer than those with. These parts still show up on eBay for exorbitant prices but don't sell. I was at Gardena one day when he was signing. He didn't do too many at a time because if you recall your signature at the mortgage closing the last one didn't look much like the first one.

The robo signatures are different than the in person ones - three vs two hash marks? (or the reverse of that).
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