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Default Explained - The new points system for 2013

If you have ever been to a RunNGun event – you know it’s fun. The people are great, and the experience is always awesome. But this year we are trying to take it to the next level. There are several new facets to RunNGun this year. Besides the new class grid arrangement, and new event structure, the BIG Fun Ford Weekend, a particular detail that we think will be very exciting is the new points system.

Without picking winners and losers, our goal with this points system was to award performance and durability for the entire length of the event, and even the playing field for all the classes and participants – no matter what their experience level may be.

So, here’s how it works. A driver competes for points within their respective class, but they also accumulate points toward the event championship. A driver is awarded 1 point for participation in each of the 4 events (Road Course Solo, Road Course Open, AutoX, and Drag Race). So, just for participating – you get a point. If you are the fastest in any of the single events you will be awarded 2 additional points. If you are the second fastest in any of the single events you’ll be awarded 1 additional point. But, here’s the kicker – if there is a tie (via time) for either first or second place points awards in these events, the tie breaker is the most laps (or passes) completed.

So, if one driver goes out on the first session and records his best lap ever and then hangs out in the Paddock the rest of the morning, that’s fine. But, if another driver spends the entire weekend working on his lines, his braking points, etc. and improves his times throughout the event and eventually lays down a timed session equal to the driver that has been hanging out in the Paddock – they are tied (via time) BUT, the point will be awarded to the driver with the most laps. The same tie breaking technique will be in place for the AutoX and Drag events.

So, drivers will want to make every session, and make as many laps and passes as possible. If your car breaks, or you decide to make some phone calls during the day, or just kick back after lunch because you’re the fastest guy in your class – you will be at a disadvantage in the points chase. We are anticipating points ties, therefore the driver who has the most stamina, and keeps his equipment running throughout the entire event will have the advantage no matter what class they are in.

Here’s where it gets exciting. Let’s say “Driver A” is great on the 2 Road Course events. He made most of his sessions, laid down some good times and knew that there was no one else in his class that was even close. Cool. He’s had a good weekend. Driver A ran the Drag race and AutoX events as well, but failed to place. He’s awarded 1 point for each event as a participant (4), and 2 points for each of the 2 Road Course events that he has won (in his class) for a total of 8 points. Then there’s “Driver B”. He’s pretty good on the Road Course event, but failed to place first or second in the two Road Couse events. He ran every session, but failed to place. That’s okay. But, on the AutoX event he won his class, and the drag race event – he also won his class. So he’ll be awarded 4 points for participating in each of the events, and 2 points for each of the events he won – for a total of 8 points. So, Driver A & B are tied for points in the Class championship. The tie breaker – whomever had the most laps/passes.

So, that’s a pretty simple example of how the Class Points system works. But if you think about all of the possible combinations of various drivers within the 4 events (all in the same class) you’ll be able to imagine that there will points ties within each class – with the tie breaker going to the driver with the most laps/passes. What this means is that RunNGun is basically an enduro event. Make your sessions, keep your gear running, have a decent weekend – and you have a good shot at winning or placing in your class.

For the Grand Championship – all drivers in all classes are eligible. It’s simple. Whomever has the most points wins. It doesn’t matter what Class they competed in, or even if they won their class. If a driver has had some success within his class by accumulating points, more points than the rest of the field, they win. AND, in the case of a points tie here – the tie breaker is also – the most laps/passes. So, a driver with a street tire, 289 Cobra replica, running in Class 1 is REALLY in competition with a race prepped GT40 in the Unlimited Class – and our 289 friend has a shot at winning the big trophy. If he has success in his class and accumulates the most points – he’s the winner.

Everybody, and every car, in every class – has a decent shot. Plus, there’s plenty of other trophies for low ETs in all of the events. Sound fun ?

And, if you’re not interested in competition, RunNGun also has VERY AFFORDABLE non-competition packages available too.

Take a look at our Class Grid and Rules to see where you fit. And we hope to see you in St. Louis this July.

Run 'N Gun
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