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paul cass 10-14-2002 10:49 AM

"cobras by the bay" part 3-roll call
hey guys and gals
ok, since there is limited space indoors i'm going to need a headcount on who is coming down. please sign in and let me know how many and if you will be bringing a cobra.
this event is open to all classic cars but only those pre 73 are indoors on a first come first serve basis. i will have my shop available friday through sunday. those with big trailers can store them at the event center. make your reservations with the ramada inn and tell them you are with the cobra club to get the $59 rate. remember that we will cruise and have seafood for lunch and then that night i have someone that will fix supper for us. stretch will be performing at the lexington memorial friday night and then will entertain us saturday night.
i need to have a pretty accurate head count within the next two weeks so that i know how to arrange the cars.
jave a great weeek,
ps had a great time in san antonio even with the broken bracket and ryan and i didn't get in until 2am from the races.

Cammer 10-14-2002 11:45 AM

Jacque and I will be coming provided that we can - 1.) Find a tow truck to borrow to pull my gooseneck trailer w/Cobra; or 2.) I can rent an open trailer from U-Haul and a truck to pull such. If anyone can be of help or has any suggestions in either of those areas please let me know. As far as accomodations, we will be staying with my sister in Flour Bluff...........looking forward to this!!!!!!!

mr0077 10-14-2002 12:17 PM

Paul, looking forward to it!
I'll need a spot for the Cobra, and address/directions to the shop.

Dennis Mosley 10-14-2002 01:37 PM

Hey Paul,

It was good to see you this weekend. As I said, weather permitting I'm there!

SilverCobra 10-14-2002 09:07 PM

Paul - count me in - I will bringing the Cobra with an open trailer and probably stay with my son. We may get a room at the Ramada. Three college guys with three dogs may be too much roughing it for me. Looking forward to seeing permitting.;)

Blake Olson 10-15-2002 08:20 AM


count me in. Need a place to store the car fri night, as I'll be roadtripping.



paul cass 10-15-2002 10:29 AM

hey guys
ken and blake, got you covered. you can store your cars in my shop.dee, dennis, and dick, will you'll need a place to store your snakes?
i'll provide more details on the location of my shop and other items-such as fuel for those that need it-the week of the event.
looks like we could end up with a nice group of cobras. pass the word.

Dennis Mosley 10-15-2002 12:30 PM

Paul, if you run out of room at your shop, I can take my car to the know me, I'll take the darn thing just about anywhere except walmart.:3DSMILE:

paul cass 10-15-2002 03:00 PM

hey dennis
got room for about 5 cobras in my shop, maybe a couple more. all the rest would be stored in the event center which has tons of room. officially you would be number 4, so you are in. see if you can get some of the other houston guys to respond. be nice to have a group of you come down. maybe recognize the group, houston, austin, dallas, or san antonio, that brings the most cobras.

Blake Olson 10-15-2002 04:40 PM

Also, anyone coming from Dallas/Austin that is going through S.A., we can meet up friday afternoon and convoy down.


Cammer 10-16-2002 07:20 AM


I will not need a place to park the Cobra - since we will be staying at my sister's house, we will park it there - we are planning on making this event, so count us in with the car show thing........looking forward to this...........see you then!!!!

paul cass 10-16-2002 09:17 AM

hey guys
met with the ford dealership yesterday and they said they are working on getting steve saleen to come down! they are a saleen dealer. still think our cobras would steal the show. i'll keep you posted.

Blake Olson 10-16-2002 11:02 AM

Have Steve bring one of the GT-40's that he's prototyping???


kountzecobra 10-18-2002 02:47 PM

Paul, I am going to be there with my Cobra if weather is decent. Should be a fun trip! Later, David Shelton.

Ed Csoltko 10-19-2002 09:22 AM

We're Coming!
Kathy and I will be coming Saturday morning from San Antonio. We got tickets for a Friday show and will sleep over in SA. Hopefully we will be there before noon Saturday in our limo. The FFR will stay in Austin. What time will you be starting the cruise? Is there an open seat somewhere for the Saturday afternoon cruise? I would like to ride with someone.:3DSMILE:

stuck 10-20-2002 07:31 PM

Hey Paul,
I will be there, I think I will even bring the car, if I can get a trailer. It can represent a work in progress...

paul cass 10-21-2002 09:57 AM

hye ryan
that would be neat. hope you can come up with the trailer. does this mean that you will show us the dune buggy version or with the body installed. i've talked with the painter and he is looking forward to seeing you. gonna be a busy week trying to firm up everything by this friday.

stuck 10-22-2002 03:06 PM

With body on...sounds like I have the trailer if I need it, but I'll confirm it as soon as I know for sure...

paul cass 10-22-2002 07:35 PM

hey ed
sorry i missed your post. i'm not sure about an open seat, but we can check on saturday. however i might need someone to drive my truck as a chase vehicle with gas, water, and tools. we will start the cruise from the ford dealership at high noon! after a stop for lunch in rockport we will return to the event center around 5pm. more later.

Blake Olson 10-22-2002 11:19 PM

Thanks to Ryan for coming out to Boerne last night to help me get a step ahead!!! (Ryan, finally got the distributor in around 11:30pm tonight....after lots of cussing, but lost TDC on #1 in the process :( )

Looks like i'll definately be ready now....should fire it up this week...hope to take the first "journey" next week sometime.


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