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VetteManGRO 08-21-2008 01:28 PM

SPF Coupe VS FFR Coupe
I am a first time buyer of a Daytona Coupe. I have narrowed it down to a Superformance or a FFR Built ready to run. Both with a Rousch 427R, and an automatic (or auto-paddleshift on the steering wheel). I would rather have the 5 speed manual but I am a paraplegic and in a wheelchair.
The SPF is going to be around 95-100K complete built by 427 Legends, and the FFR about 80K complete with brand new FFR components built by Vegas Venom.
I have heard all of the "fit and finish is better with the SPF" talk but am wondering which would be a better car to drive? I want the car to be a driver, not a show car. I want to be able to run to the store, go on a 300 mile road trip, and maybe hit the track for occassional session. I don't want to have to work on it more than I drive it type of car. Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Three Peaks 08-21-2008 01:39 PM

In my opinion, it will largely depend on the quality of the builder. There is no reason the FF5 can't be the equal of the SPF as long as the same attention to detail is considered in the build.
Two completely different chassis designs, but I'm personally partial to the FF5 chassis design and components. I don't know if SPF has the IRS package available, but I'm sure the FF5 does and it will give you a superior ride and handling IMO.

I'd sure like to see how the paddle shifters work out with the other assisted pieces in the car to fit your circumstance.
Good luck with the car.


Cashburn 08-21-2008 01:39 PM

What is your time frame for purchase? I guess if you are looking at having an FFR built you are in the 6 month + window? If that is the case and you can wait a bit longer there should be some new offerings in the coupe market that will make things very interesting by then.

That aside, the SPF coupe is considerably nicer than the FFR no matter who finishes it. And I bet the 80k is not with IRS and anywhere near the completeness of the SPF inside?

I have not tried getting in and out of the SPF coupe, but I can tell you at 6' I found the FFR coupe very uncomfortable to get in and out of, that may be a bigger concern for you?

Based on you description of what you want to do with it the Brock sounds like a clear winner of current offerings.

RodKnock 08-21-2008 01:45 PM

Garrett, great question and I'll be reading along with you as to what, if any, the general consensus is. Thank you and good luck with your choice.

ENTDOC 08-21-2008 01:51 PM

they are two completely different cars , designed for different markets. I consider the SPF(I have one) more of a grand touring car and the FFR more of a race car. the SPF is far more finished and can be really driven as a daily driver in the vein of a Viper or Vette. FFR cars tend to be more bare bones, louder, hotter and faster with similiar motors. The SPF 's come with IRS, a functional AC and heat.roll up windows( a big plus in a daily driver) I think you will find the SPF much more to your liking for what you are using it for.

jhv48 08-21-2008 01:54 PM

Try them both on. Either can be a tough ingress/egress.

VetteManGRO 08-21-2008 02:00 PM

Thanks for the quick and informative responses. My time frame is not critical. I don't want to jump the gun and be stuck with a mediocre car. I want it to be a lasting and enjoyable experience. So keep the input coming, as I appreciate ANY and ALL advice being a rookie in the Replicar/Kitcar realm.
I will have to check and see if the IRS package is included in the 80k quote that Tom West from Vegas Venom gave me for the FFR Coupe. I know for sure it included all new components from FFR needed to build the entire car, a 427R motor, auto tran, all assembly, paint, heater and A/C. Ready to drive. They said it would be a 2-3 month build time.
I know that the SPF Coupe is a great car from reading all the rants and raves about it, but is it a 20k better car? Considering that the FFR car would be built by a shop that FFR reccomends and trusts.
Thanks again.

xlr8or 08-21-2008 03:21 PM

Garrett in your case I would say the best first step would be to go see each of the cars in person and check the getting in and out routine. It's more difficult than the Cobra because of the low roof and small window area. In your case a GT40 may be a better way to go as the door includes part of the roof area.
The SPF model is a very nice car and is more of a GT touring type car where the typical FFR tends to be a bit more raw like the original car.

HIQ 08-21-2008 03:38 PM

Keep in mind that Legands has a fully functional service facility in Castle Rock. Better fit and finish, local support and better resale value may be worth the $20K. Either way it is a ton of money.

Good Luck!

SP01715 08-21-2008 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by ENTDOC (Post 872417)
they are two completely different cars , designed for different markets. I consider the SPF(I have one) more of a grand touring car and the FFR more of a race car. the SPF is far more finished and can be really driven as a daily driver in the vein of a Viper or Vette. FFR cars tend to be more bare bones, louder, hotter and faster with similiar motors. The SPF 's come with IRS, a functional AC and heat.roll up windows( a big plus in a daily driver) I think you will find the SPF much more to your liking for what you are using it for.

I completely agree. My wife fell in love with the SPF coupe the first time she sat in it because of what was stated above. I tend to like the GT40 more than the coupe, but the coupe could easily be driven as a daily driver or on long road trips.

Rickd 08-21-2008 06:11 PM

Superformance is known for a very high standard of quality in all of the cars they produce. The variables are the drive train selection by the individual buyers, but generally the SPF is a very high quality, and excellent maintenance of value and resale - not to mention - a very nice ownership and driving experience. There are some outstanding FFR cars out there, but every car is different depending on who built it, and for that reason the maintenance of value and resale is more precarious. As stated earlier, it is more of a lighter weight flat out race car, whereas the SPF is generally speaking, a more "solid", refined car capable of being a genuine daily driver. Two very different "flavors", and both a ton of fun. Rickd

Got the Bug 08-21-2008 08:04 PM


You might want to talk to Stephen Bramlitt at Reno Engine and Drivetrain (right next to Dynamic AutoWest in Reno). He was building an SPF coupe with an automatic at the time he was doing the install on my car in June 2007. I believe he was building the Coupe for a genetleman who had limited use of his legs.

No matter which coupe you buy, you'll probably want to install AC.

ENTDOC 08-21-2008 08:39 PM

AC is standard on the SPF

Excaliber 08-21-2008 09:21 PM

A friend of mine recently returned from the mainland, where he drove his "Brock Coupe" extensively over there. He also has a CAV GT-40. I was curious about how the Coupe did on cross country drive, day in, day out. He found it was SO comfortable that sometimes when they would stop for gas, or whatever, his wife would stay in the car! No need to get out and stretch or walk around, but entirely comfortable just to stay put. Man that speaks volumes about the comfort level.

I guess they call them SPF Coupes these days, but when they first came out "Brock Coupe" was a more common and well deserved term. To bad they seem to have gotten away from that...

He's also had the GT-40 on the mainland, as he stated, no comparison. The Coupe is far away the more comfortable car. He DID have a few 'issues' with the Coupe soon after the purchase, which were resolved over time. Fan relay was one (melted/burned out if I recall correctly). He also had one of those 'high dollar' alignments done somewhere in Calif, which he said made a considerable over all improvement. I think it's the only Coupe on the Island, sure draws a crowd when he pulls up. The rest of us just 'give up' if the Coupe is entered in any local car show, we don't have a chance. If he drives the Ferrari, no problem, people hardly notice... :LOL:

CoupedUp 08-21-2008 10:27 PM

I know your friend and was lucky enough to spend time with him and Kei at Western States Cobra Bash. Aside from driving my Brock Coupe (no quotes required) 1,400 miles in four days to WSCB (including a track day) and just returning from Historics weekend in Monterey, I would have to say that the car is perfect for me. I want a car I can drive whenever I want, and track occasionally. A well built FFR is a great car, but I am not a builder/fabricator and do not want a track only car. I LOVE my BROCK coupe!!!

Doug, SPC088

Badger 08-21-2008 10:43 PM

Garrett....If you have the time go by Legendary Motorsport again and ask to see SPC 115, a Superformance Coupe just completed nearby that belongs to a real Cobra enthusiast who lives right there in Castle Rock. It is one of the most beautifully finished Superformance Coupes I've ever seen. The owner drives it almost every day and already has over 2000 miles on it. One of the most important considerations the owner made, is that instead of buying a "name" crate engine he wisely had the engine built locally. That way the man who actually built the engine was on hand for the install, start up and subsequent "dial in" of the injection. It runs flawlessly! Since you live at 6000' I'd recommend going with a local engine builder who understands the peculiar problems associated with high performance engines running at altitude. The attention to detail on this car is remarkable and the owner can explain which choices were made and why. After seeing it..and probably getting a ride!...there won't be any hesitation in making the choice. Badger.

CoupedUp 08-21-2008 10:47 PM

Badger might be a bit biased, but he's definitely right on the mark!;) It's like buying a real good pair of shoes - don't look at the price, just try 'em on and see what feels right.


Excaliber 08-21-2008 11:42 PM

...and Kei is still going! Last report had him leaving SAAC33 and heading south to Florida in his CSX8000. :LOL:

CobraBoy 08-22-2008 03:43 AM

SPF Coupe... FFR Coupe... You cannot lose! :3DSMILE: What a delicious decision to be faced with!

Good luck with your purchase and build! :D

Paul :cool:

SP01715 08-22-2008 08:35 AM

I think the official name for the SPF coupe is now "Shelby Daytona Coupe"? They had the car they built for Shelby at Hillbank the last time I was there, and I believe it had that on the car. Very nice car BTW, it had some trick Roush stuff on it as well.

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