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Old 05-28-2006, 10:12 PM
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Question Problems with leaking hoses on McLeod TO bearing

I hope someone can help out a very frustrated '65 Mustang owner who is also making his first post to this forum.

I installed a McLeod hydraulic throwout bearing today on a T5z. There is a pressure hose running to the TO bearing, and a longer hose running between the short hose and the master cylinder. I am getting leaks at all three connections: TO bearing to short hose, short hose to long hose, and long hose to master cylinder. I have tightened all connections but still they leak. Is there a secret to stopping leaks at these connections?

Part two: I am running a RAM diaphragm clutch. Could it be that the diaphragm springs are too strong, requiring me to exert more pressure on the system than it is designed for? The pedal is very hard, requiring about the same effort as the Z-bar I was formerly running.

As a "throw parts at it" solution I am thinking of a Centerforce clutch, because these have lighter springs on the pressure plates. What is a good Centerforce for street use?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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Old 05-28-2006, 11:47 PM
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Hey 180,
A lot of us Cobra guys have Hyd. TO bearings. I not sure why you put one on your Mustang because like my setup, I had no room for a clutch fork. The Hyd.TO bearing has only two lines, dosn't matter which one you use, one goes to the MC and the other one has a bleeder on it. Generally if you have any leaks at the fittings, the fittings are usually wrong. Check them again. Your clutch springs arn't too hard for the Hyd.TO bearing, I don't think any clutch spring is. The force the Hyd.TO bearing is capable of will generally always reduce the force required to activate the clutch.

Good luck,
" It ain't no big deal"
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Old 05-29-2006, 05:25 AM
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I used to run a McLeod HTOB setup and I agree with Tim's opinion that the fittings generally don't leak. ... Since it sounds like this is your first experience with this setup, let me offer a few tips. First, be sure to secure the hoses inside the bell housing so they don't come into contact with the spinning pressure plate. Second, be sure to have a clutch pedal stop that will prevent you from overextending the HTOB. If it is pushed out too far, it will likely leak. Third, any fluid that leaks within the bell housing may get on the clutch causing it to slip. That requires pulling the transmission to inspect the clutch and repair the damage. For that reason, I abandoned my HTOB and went with a clutch fork actuated by an external slave cylinder. ... Good luck with your project.

P.S. You may find this old thread regarding clutches interesting: click here.
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