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Bob Hubsch 03-19-1999 05:29 AM

I thought there might be some interesting Cobra tags on cobraclub member cars. I have Illinois tags "KOBRAH". I tried to do better, but that was the best I could do. This thread might give new owners some ideas when they apply for tags. Another good place to look for ideas is the California DMV web page at They have a neat feature that allows you to look for similar plates, etc.



Alan Vanhollebeke 03-19-1999 07:02 AM

I'm planning on getting a tag that says....
"UN REAL". I've also considered "WNTRSUX" and "WHOOMAH", whoomah is the sound you hear as a cobra flies past in the next lane!

Stan Mitchell 03-19-1999 08:35 AM

I just sent my application in for a personalized tag. My first request was for GASIT with the second option as VENOM.

John McMahon 03-19-1999 01:03 PM

My tag reads: 65VENOM


Steve D 03-19-1999 03:21 PM


Art Colley 03-19-1999 05:26 PM

John and I think alike. I could not believe it was still availabe (I admit I have some "connections"), but my tag says "COBRA65" which is, of course the championship year, the name we gave the Cobra long before the tag, and the number I chose when the little cancer patient told me I needed a number on the car if it was a race car.

Regards, Art "Cobra65" in Baton Rouge.

PS, Even more unbelieveble, I just got confirmation back on my new domain name. You guessed it... That is where my site is now, and for those who have expressed interest in Children's projects, I am adding an interactive section, hopefully in the next few days. It will be called the "Cars for Kids Volunteer Network", and will give all interested car owners a way to participate. Check out the site, and watch for this feature!

Again, Cobra65 Art

Yearjoy 03-19-1999 06:13 PM

Mine are "BLZFILM"

Lance Mussler 03-19-1999 07:06 PM

My first tag said "WUTZAT" because that's what some guy ask me at a stop light once. Now my tag says "CAN GO"!

Neal Jackson 03-19-1999 07:18 PM


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Scott S 03-20-1999 01:20 AM

Mine is SWEET.

John McMahon 03-20-1999 02:06 AM

For my new Cobra, I am hoping to use as a tag:


silverbullet 03-22-1999 03:57 PM

Fun topic, Bob
Here are a few I'm considering. As I drive for work, I think of good ones and write 'em down.
FSTRNUR (faster 'n you are)
FSTZFUK (Grandma won't like it)
LIL 302

I have fun coming up with new ones, who knows what will be available at time of registation!

Chris P.

Rod Mores 03-23-1999 05:42 PM




Brett99 03-24-1999 06:43 PM

This is a great thread! My plates are Cobra B. Friends have: Smokem, 97Cobra, and 150PLUS (200Plus already spoken for, must have been a GT-40).

chuckcobra 03-25-1999 08:32 AM

I had to go with an understated plate of CSX3193 on my 427. I got tired of people asking whether it was original or a replica. With this plate I figured if people knew about cobras then it would be obvious and if they didn't it really didn't matter.


russ thompson 03-26-1999 05:54 AM

I just ordered some simple ones with my initials RT COBRA and that make things rt in this world.

If you have a ffr in Cal,You can still get

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Jim Colman 03-30-1999 03:01 AM

It's not my tag, but one I saw at Run & Gun 97 that I really liked was: CSX NOT!

hyghlndr 03-30-1999 04:28 PM

My favorite tags to date are :
I will have to see what DMV has available in a month or so.

silverbullet 03-30-1999 06:06 PM

Here's a few more:

It would be nice if we (in Ohio) could check availability of vanity plates on-line. I've heard that some states offer this service?!
The lines are NEVER short at the license bureau in Toledo and they won't do it over the phone. So I guess I'll take a list and hope for the best! Most of the ones I have checked were already taken and it changes everyday.


Bob Hubsch 03-31-1999 02:43 AM

Chris, try the California link that I mentioned at the beginning of this thread. If the plate has not been taken in California, it probably has not been taken in your state. It doesn't always work, but California has more vanity tags issued than any other state. Good luck in your search!


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