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Rebel1 11-01-2008 05:29 PM


Originally Posted by trularin (Post 894625)
Oh, I thought it was because XXXX Beer was just about the worse beer there wild dog urine.

:D :D

Yeah, but like i got it all wrong, they weren't referring to taste. After all, who has tasted dingo pi$$. Unless of course it was a gay bar you were visiting.

It's the same as that other Aussie icon of foodstuffs, a product we love which foreigners find absolutely vile .... our very own Vegemite.:rolleyes:

Here in Oz we feed it to our kids and they love it. Kids demand it on their school lunches. New Mothers use it on toast when their kids are teething. Yet you folks find it almost impossible to eat.

Bundy Rum, XXXX beer and Vegemite, much maligned but recognized as the foodstuff of champions in Oz.

Having said that there are pockets in Australia, Victoria is one such area, where the local inhabitants don't appreciate these products but we accept that. As taught in Marketing 101 you just can't please 100% of the folks 100% of the time. :JEKYLHYDE

BMK 11-02-2008 01:17 AM

Mmmm don't drink XXXX, don't eat Vegemite and hell don't drink Bundy un Australian.

Toast and Marmalade, Crown Lager and fine malt rum...:LOL: as if.

boxhead 11-02-2008 04:46 PM

Side project
Since this isnt Cobra related I thought I would put it in here.

About 2 years ago I dragged an old Valiant Charger from out bush back home, my wife Ronda has been a fan of these for as long as I have known her, so figured the next car I build for us to keep should be one she really wants.
Here is a pic of the Charger how I found it.
When I found it it had no wheels and had been sitting on the desert sand for atleast 12 years that people know off.
I got it home and knew I would not really be doing much to it until Cobra was registered and painted, so I have pulled it apart a little and has sat like this since getting it home.

Over the years I have tried to pass the word around that I am looking for Valiant stuff and been accumulating some cars to use as parts.
Here is a VK sedan, turns out is an x cop car (as plated on id tag) and I have sold some of the cop items on this car.
I bought it for the drive line (318 fireball, 727 auto and lsd diff), it will also donate its brake system (booster and disc front end, inc cross member)
And here is an X-Speedway Charger I bought, initially for its floor and quarter panels (but I am having bad thoughts about returning it to the track so I can have a go, but the thought of wrecking such good rear quarter panels is scaring me).
If this one did not have such bad rust in the plenums and firewall then it would be this car being fixed (even though the roof had been cut off to drop the cage in).
Then recently (on the Saturday at the Nationals) my wifes uncle who lives in Alice Springs passed away (he was not very well and had become a bit of a recluse since his wife passed in 1999), both he and his daughter knew I was looking for Valiant bits and he had said to me I could have his old station wagon (VH model, with hearse racks in the back)(he bought the car with the intentions of starting a funeral service until the franchise changed there mind as Alice Springs was not big enough for 2 funeral services, this was back in 1972), at the time I did not want to take it from him as it is the only car he ever bought brand new and he was attached to it.
Well on Saturday it was time to get the old girl home.
Here is what it looked like Saturday morning.
This is where it has sat since the last time George drove it in 2002.

I organised a permit on Friday to drive it home (probably should have got it running first and checked the brakes but I felt confident)
So I had, fuel, spare battery, air compressor and a heap of tools when I turned up at the house at about 11.00am Saturday (late start due to a bigger night than anticipated at the casino for mates birthday)
I dropped the new battery in and cranked it over, cranked over very well so that was a good start, I added about 15 litres of fuel to the fuel tank and squirted some aerostart down the carbie, cranked over but not a hint of starting, figured there must be no spark.
Removed dissy cap and confirmed the rotor was there and spinning, ignition on and manually trigger the points, no spark, so I took the points out and cleaned them up, refitted and gapped, test again, still no spark.
Checked coil, power in ok but nothing out.
Raced home and pulled the coil of the x cop car, (hope it isnt dead) fitted it up, tested, now I have a good spark.
Refitted the cap, another squirt down the carbie and crank, look out she fired up this time (no fuel in carbie so it stopped straight away, but atleast I knew I was heading in the right direction).
I poured some fuel in the carbie and fired up, did this about 4 times, could see the fuel in the filter, so atleast the pump was working.
On the 5th go , she fired up and settled into an idle like it had been running yesterday.
Smiles all round.
Shut her down and thought I better check all the vitals for the drive home.
Brake fluid is good, clutch works, no water in radiator, top it up, oh no, there is water coming out of the front of motor as quick as I can pour it in.
It is now about 12.30, and I am thinking, if I am quick I can get a trailer and tow it home, so I race over to the hire company, Damn it, I missed them.
So I go back to the car and decide I better see where the water leak is.
Found that the lower radiator hose has corroded off at the water pump outlet, needs a new pump and hose.
Thought I may as well go to Repco and see what a pump will cost me and get one ordered.
I get this old guy and tell him what I am after, he doesnt even look in a manuel, he dissapears out the back and returns with a dusty box and a hose,
I giggle and comment that they must have had that one for a while.
I also grab a couple of large clamps and gasket cement, total price $65.00

So I return to the wagon, out comes the radiator, off with the a/c compressor and alternator brackets.
Water pump out and replaced, refitted everything and fill with water.
All good now, nothing is leaking.
I pumped up the tyres then start her up again and back it out onto the street, check the brakes, all good, so I drive down to the local carwash, give her a quick tub and drive her home.
The tyres are definatly a little second hand after being flat for so long, but the shakes where not to bad if I stayed below 40mph.
When I got her home I cleaned out the inside a bit and wiped the dust off.
Here are some pics, but now I am in 2 minds what to do, it has plenty of great bits for my project, but is it too good to wreck?

There are more pics at .

So what did you do on the weekend?

sambo 11-02-2008 06:15 PM

Boxhead I think if you wreck that old girl you'll get a very angry visit from some Valiant club members! Hardly a classic but you just don't see many originals like that around these days.

Aussie Mike 11-02-2008 07:40 PM

I reckon it'd make a great tow car for the Cobra or the Charger. Bung a couple of decent sized LPG tanks under it. Pile all your tools and spares in the back. Turn up the A/C and the stereo and your off.

I'd even suggest pulling the 265 and dropping a Gen3 ad auto in there. Leave the body stock and you'd have a real sleeper that got modern car economy.


boxhead 11-02-2008 08:01 PM

If I do anything with the wagon it might be to put it on club plates and use it for carshows and that kind of thing.
It does need a couple of small dents taken out and a good polish (obviuosly touch up the paint after dent repairs) and the tailgate is very rusty, but there is a rust free one here,
I still think it will eventually become a donor for the charger (and the thought was if I go speedway racing I would use the engine and box from the wagon into the black charger.
But in all reality the red charger wont be on a rotisere and in the shed for atleast 12 months yet.

I would also prefer to get rid of the coffin racks in the back and find a back seat for it, an original one in the same color could be a hard find.

As to using it as a tow car, that is not going to happen.
I have this in mind for that
The back of the tub and tailgate are pretty bad, the latest thought is I will cut the back of the body off, just behind the back window (make it almost a space cab) and fit a flat bed tray or a style side tray.
I have a 308 injected motor from a VN I could use for it, and a mate up the road has just offered me a transit van that I can take the front end out of (similar to HT holden) and the rear end is a salsbury with leaf springs, I will be measuring chassis widths and wheel bases before I take him up on the offer.

boxhead 11-03-2008 03:41 PM

Here is a bundy ute ready to go for you Les.

Rebel1 11-03-2008 04:40 PM

Ahhh box, I like the rego plate too......just goes to show how much Bundy rum is appreciated by real men and women.:)

Real men don't drink VB. :JEKYLHYDE

That ute looks like one an old girlfriend used to drive. She was a shy little petal. She once had an affair with a Victorian bloke but broke it off when she realised he was more effeminate than her. :LOL:

BMK 11-05-2008 03:44 AM

:eek: Rebel1

Mmm must have been put off by her tattoos and beer gut...:3DSMILE:

BMK 11-05-2008 03:49 AM

Well the USA election is over and they have a new President.

I'm not sure what they are thinking there.


They just elected another Lawyer into the White House. He is married to a Lawyer. He had a running mate and she is a Lawyer. She is married to an ex President who is a Lawyer.

The guy the dumped was an ex war hero who is married to a woman that owns one of the biggest breweries in the USA...:3DSMILE:

Mmmmm what were they thinking...:LOL:

BMK 11-05-2008 03:52 AM


I see the orange Charger as the recipient of the best of everything off all of the donour cars...That way there is one happy wife.


Value = priceless...:3DSMILE:

Rebel1 11-05-2008 04:30 AM


Originally Posted by BMK (Post 895536)
:eek: Rebel1

Mmm must have been put off by her tattoos and beer gut...:3DSMILE:

Ahhh Bernie, so you know her too?. ;):LOL:

trularin 11-05-2008 05:10 AM

After that, I think I will have to watch who the heck I am seen with in "The Down Under".

No accounting for taste mind you.


boxhead 11-05-2008 03:34 PM


Originally Posted by BMK (Post 895541)

I see the orange Charger as the recipient of the best of everything off all of the donour cars...That way there is one happy wife.


Value = priceless...:3DSMILE:

Gotta keep th eboss happy Bernie

BMK 11-05-2008 07:36 PM


Guess it is a hard decision once you see the donour car all cleaned up - but yes I would use everything off it that was good. Maybe resurrect it later once the Charger is done.

How did it go..:confused:.."..hey Charger!!"

LoBelly 11-05-2008 08:32 PM


mcdonald 11-12-2008 12:43 AM

Hi Burnie i thought you were going to SEMA change of plans.:rolleyes::rolleyes:Lindsay:rolleyes:

boxhead 11-12-2008 12:58 AM


Originally Posted by BMK (Post 895812)

Guess it is a hard decision once you see the donour car all cleaned up - but yes I would use everything off it that was good. Maybe resurrect it later once the Charger is done.

How did it go..:confused:.."..hey Charger!!"

Not much chance of a resurection if the wagon does become a donor.
If it happens then it will be a case of not much left.
The red Charger will take the floor, and the black (X-Speedway car) will take the firewall and plenum.
I am leaning this way at the moment (but change my mind like the wind).
The current train of thought is to repair both shells and keep the best (most likely red one) and sell of the other shell as a good rust free car, with pics and documentation of it being repaired.

BMK 11-14-2008 01:02 PM


Hi Lindsay,

Yes I had S.E.M.A on the list but there is a lot on the go here.

The GT40 has had a brake upgrade with new rotars 330mm and new braided lines etc.

Will head over your way in the next week or so. I have the air con unit to go in and an engine freshen up to go...**)..**)

See you at McDonald Brothers Racing..%/... would you like a transmission over haul with that..:3DSMILE:

Are you guys racing at Calder Park raceway this weekend. I see there is a meeting on..%/


BMK 11-14-2008 01:04 PM


Mmmm to many projects. Don't be tempted leave them out in the desert..:LOL:

That is unless it's a mint dry '34 coupe or a clean Duece coupe..:LOL:...then it's OK to drag them in for me..**)

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