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Rob. Smith 05-29-2009 04:29 AM

LOVE the water tank. When I was a little tacker. I was the nominated body to go into the drained tank to clean it out.. Just before the rainy season. Dead slimy frogs..usually a blob of fuzzy goo and the coating of "fur" on the walls and floor. The tanks were cement lined and only cleaned with a broom by a ten year old. Me. The tank was then flushed and ready for the rain, off the roof. I can't see anyone climbing inside a tank nowadays to clean it. And what washes off the roof nowadays is a little disturbing. We drank that water and never got sick. It was truly clean...tested on mums insistence.
These surburban tanks should only be used to water the plants. Not the veges ! ha ha

BMK 06-03-2009 01:49 AM

We have been getting a bit of rain of late and rather than let the water run down the street from the tank overflows I am watering the lawn and garden each morning using the tank water.

Even when raining parts of the garden do not get a good rain, so I just use the tanks to saturate the lawn and garden.

I can even wash the cars with buckets and hose - %/

Rebel1 06-03-2009 02:14 AM

Bernie, stay in your neighbours good books mate.

There has been a fair bit of neighbour rage up here where one feuding neighbour pours roundup in the other neighbours water tank.

Target neighbour waters the garden and lawn and it all dies in a week or so.

Very sad.

Merv and Sharon 06-04-2009 12:39 AM

Geez that is mean Les! One can only wonder when they see someone with a Cobra. Imagine the envy that could generate.


paul68 06-04-2009 02:29 AM

Yeah if they get to envious they might sabotage it and put a chev in it,that would be mean LOL

BMK 06-07-2009 12:01 AM

A Chev in a Cobra, Round Up in the water tanks what next...

I'll be careful...%/

Rebel1 06-07-2009 05:16 AM


Originally Posted by BMK (Post 955901)
A Chev in a Cobra, Round Up in the water tanks what next... %/

Elvis is alive and well in Woodford Queensland and the Maroons beat the Blues. :)

BMK 06-21-2009 03:57 PM



Sorry missed the question on the economics.

My thoughts are we are a little behind you guys there in the US. The old saying the USA sneezes and we catch the cold does not appear to be accurate.

I think we both caught the cold at the same time..%/

I can only relate to what I see on the ground - my benchmark - as to how I see it with my lot here.

We moved property at the right time - I missed the Run N Gun doing this last year.

Whilst I am cognisant that job loss and reduction in hours etc. has been felt in both Geelong and Mt. Gambier it is not to the magnitude that you are experiencing there.

I do not want to generalise here, as the economists will tell a different story with the stocks etc, bank bills etc.


I use the basic measure of just asking people, is it going? Whilst I know this is a straw poll I'm getting some very different answers.

Some are saying they are still flat out - we have been waiting for a plasterer for six weeks to complete walls in the garage. Our neighbour in Geelong works for Rip Curl and they are still flat out with a sales growth forecast of 8% - maybe down from 12% but....

My shares on the ASX have dropped considerably but I'm not selling. The banks have dropped from $60 to $27 (CBA). Others have taken a similiar hit. If you can afford to buy blue chip now is the time. Just watch Warren B. there in the States...%/

The fast food industry is going OK with a lot of people moving down a level in their restaurant spend and type of restaurant visited. I'm seeing a lot of people in the restaurants and McCafes that have previously not been there before. Our challenge is to give them a great experience and ensure they come back and back again.

I also think that we have all spent a lot of money in our restaurants and we are seeing the results.

Many of my friends in business have dropped off staff and some have used the state of the economy, as an opportunity to re visit staff and performance - rightly or wrongly. They have looked at discreational spending as well and made some changes here also.
My gut feeling is the business sector will come out of this quite strong with many of these changes.

Nothing like micro management...:3DSMILE:

schipps 06-22-2009 01:50 PM

Just watch Warren B. there in the States...
Bernie ,

Mostly I would agree but I really think we haven't even begun to see our falls in Oz yet. Look at new car sales down 30 -50%. unemployment only just starting to rise. People are still borrowing way too much!

Here's a recent quote I like, "“If you jump out of the window at the 42nd floor and you’re still doing fine as you pass the 27th floor, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a serious problem.”

I hope you are right Bernie, but why should Australia be immune to the world problems?


Merv and Sharon 06-22-2009 03:20 PM

I tend to agree Mick. If there had not been these 'stimulus' spending packages we would have seen more immediate and significant impacts. In reality, I suspect that they just delayed more severe outcomes here with a 'shotgun' effect - hopefully long enough for the China/Japan trade to pick up again. Time will tell.

The big corporate crashes in the US will impact here with GMH and Toyota particularly. Large cars using gasoline are on the wane and smaller more fuel efficient ones on the increase. I was in Europe last week and was interested in the raft of new small electric cars there.

They are not pretty but large enough for 2 and accelerate well and charge overnight. Government subsidies are available to stimulate their development and use. We are an urbanised nation and I can see such vehicles finding a place here soon, for those who still want to drive (our lousy public transport) and and travel less than 150 kms each day.

In fact - this could be the next kit car industry! Make your own electric car! We could supply the plastic bodies and chassis and so on. Is there a Cobra Electric in there somewhere as well?


BMK 06-22-2009 03:40 PM

Mmm hope you are not right with the predictions.

I admit I am a little isolated from main stream due to the people that I work with and my suppliers and friends. The tradesmen are all busy. I thought it would slow right down but I'm still having problems getting them on site at home or work.

I did see Rudd's response to the car fiasco saying that we have avoided the recession at this time. Mmm perhaps a similiar weighted response that is the same type of response on the four day debate on this car fiasco. Smoke and more mirrors


Merv and Sharon 06-22-2009 03:57 PM

Bernie, it is his: 'at this time' qualification that we need to watch. Even though the recent Government support for first home buyers has maintained new building approvals and constructions in some regions, our housing market (value) is much higher than other equivalent Western nations and if that drops significantly a very different economic picture could be revealed.

I agree on "Utegate" (Where do they get these terms? "Watergate" also turned out to be false) was a total waste of their time and our money when they should have been working on the real issues of running this nation.

Could someone send the PM and Opposition Leader a Cobra Car Club membership each and see if it is acknowledged?


BMK 06-23-2009 03:03 PM


Mmmm send them a copy of an invoice for the Daily Planet Massage parlor would get more response...:LOL:

A voucher for each of them and a cigarette lighter for their partners...:LOL:..I just hope they declare the gifts in Parliment..%/

Merv and Sharon 07-13-2009 01:14 AM

For those interested the US Mecum Muscle Car Auction is on the new free-to-air channel 10 HD ("ONE") now! Fantastic array of Shelby 350s, Camaros and what seem to be low prices for perfect cars.


BMK 07-15-2009 04:19 PM

Good viewing. I was surprised that some of the mid 50's pick ups etc. go so cheaply. Not to mention thew 60's cars that are also good buys.

BMK 07-15-2009 04:22 PM

I'm taking it easy today and heading to Port Fairy to my daughters home.

She and her partner have just built a new home in Port Fairy and are moving into it. They have built a number of homes and units there over the last few years. The two hour drive from Geelong is an easy drive with lots to see along the way.

A nice part of the world..

%/.. moving between Mt. Gambier and Geelong,...**)... Port Fairy is ideally located for me to take a break..:3DSMILE:

boxhead 07-15-2009 10:31 PM

As some of you may now I recently had a holiday in the UK, you also may know I am a keen golfer.
Well no trip to the UK would be complete without at least trying to get a game of golf in somewhere.
In the preceding weeks before leaving I had done some checking and been in contact with StAndrews golf club in Scotland, with the intentions of a round on the old course.
It turned out that since I was a single golfer (no playing partners) my best option was to turn up on the day and put my name down as a reserve.
I arrived at StAndrews at about 4pm one evening and went straight to the starters box and he confirmed everything I had been told, he also advised to get in early as the spots can fill up fast.

So the next morning I arrived at the course at 5.30 am to find myself 5th in the cue, the first guy arrived just before 5am.
The 4th guy said he was not coming back until after lunch to play so I thought looking at the draw I would be out at about 9.30 - well the guy arrived back at about 9am as he said he was too excited to do any thing else.
The first 3 players all played by 7.50am, then the next slot was about 9.30am, sadly it was StAndrews members and they did not want to take anyone with them, so that bumped me back to 11.40am, but that was ok as it put me with a guy who was 6th in the cue and with 2 south africans.
It is best if you can look at a map while reading this.
Wind was blowing a constant 20mph from the east.
First hole - Drive down the centre 254yards, 2nd shot was P/w of 115 yards, hit it onto the back of green, 3 putts for a 5.

Second hole - Drive to left centre of fairway approx 250 yards, 2nd shot 8 iron to front of green - 2 putts par 4

Third hole - Drive up left of fairway, 227 yard drive. 90 metre knock down P/w to within 3 feet - made the putt for Birdie 3

Fourth hole - Drive 257 Yards into the Sutherland bunker, played out sideways to middle of fairway, 130 yards to go, P/w and 2 putts for a bogey 5.

Fifth hole- Drive to left centre of fairway, 257 yards to the hole, 3 iron - long green and pin toward back (1.5 acres of green on this hole) Ended up on front of green 47 yard putt, 3 putts for a par 5.

Sixth hole - Drive to left rough 250 yards, 9 iron second shot onto front of green - 3 putts for bogey 5.

Seventh hole - Drive approx 270 yards, Between Hill and Shell bunkers, Chip with a wedge approx 70 yards, front of green, 3 putts again, bogey 5.

Eigth hole - 6 iron to the right of green, 3 putts yet again, bogey 4.

Ninth hole - Drive 230 yards, 70 yards chip with wedge, and again 3 god damned putts, bogey 5.

41 total for front nine.

Tenth hole - 300 yard drive to the left of centre , chip and 2 putts Par 4.

Eleventh hole - 6 Iron short left of Strath bunker, chip on and 2 putts, Bogey 4.

Twelth hole - Good drive over trap (last one in the centre of fairway) - ball drew into the wind to the left, ended up in gourse bush, took a drop, chipped with P/w and 1 putt for a par 4.

Thirteenth hole - Good drive up the middle, about 10 yards short of Cats bunker, hit 9 iron to the right of the green and about 1 yard passed the pin (just passed the green side bunker), chipped in with sand wedge, Birdie 3.

Fourteenth hole - Hit a good drive up the middle, had 240 yards to go, caddie warned of trouble short of the green and advised a 9 iron well left of hell bunker, hit it exactly were he advised, had 143 yards to the pin, hit a great 8 iron, landed on the front of the green, rolled within inches of the pin, Caddie advised great shot, got to the hole and found it had rolled through and was in the small pot trap at the back, chipped out sideways, 3 putted for a 7.

Fifteenth hole - Another good drive over Mrs Grangers Bossums, 137 yards to go, hit a 9 iron - ball held up against the wind, Ended up on green well left, 3 putts 5.

Sixteenth hole - Worse drive so far, hit a fade and carried right on the wind, ball was inbounds by 1 metre. 121 yards to pin, hit a 9 iron did not hit it well and came up short, chipped and 2 putts for bogey 5.

Seventeenth hole - Faded drive ofer the hotel, ended up on shell grit path in a cutout for traffic, hit 5 iron short of bunker and green, great chip onto green within 1 foot, putted for par, 4 .

Eigteenth hole - Great drive up the left of centre (just left of last ridge in fairway) 140 yards to the pin, hit an 8 iron, came up short and ended up in the Valley of Sin, the pin was cut short and about 1 foot above the top of the valley.
I played a sandwedge and hit it great, landed on the top and rolled about 6 foot passed the pin.
Made the one putt for a par on the last with a crowd of about 40 people watching who all gave a big cheer when I made the putt. Par 4.

Back nine 40
Front nine 41
Total 81
Handicap 9

Nett total 72

And here is some proof.

BMK 07-16-2009 01:45 AM




They tell me Albert Park in Melbourne is similiar...:confused:

Looks good there - your the new pro at St. Andrews. What were the others like to play a game with?. Handicaps?


boxhead 07-16-2009 06:47 PM

Hey there Bernie,
The guys I played with where a couple of South African fellas, there handicaps were high teens, and one American guy who played of 2.
The 2 Sth Africans where there for a good time and made it enjoyable, the American Guy, he was very nervous and sadly did not play as well as he could have.

The Sth African guys had a dig at me, on the 14th hole after my good drive, I was about 1 meter in front of one of the Sth Africans, he fired a 3 wood at the green and got on, My caddie looked at me and said that I could go for the green and would get there if I hit a good shot, but there was plenty of trouble if I did not and he would hate to see me wreck what could be a good card for my handicap.
So when I layed up the Sth African reckons it is teh only time he has seen an Aussie back down from a challenge.

It was a day I will remember forever, playing with good guys and great caddies just made it even more memorable.

In the picture I included, you can see the 2 Sth African guys in teh background, the taller one is the fella that was giving me curry, the shorter one, on the last hole (hole in picture) he hit his drive with a big cut, it hit one of the cars parked on teh side of the road in teh picture.

BMK 07-18-2009 03:08 AM



Great memories and some good photos. Will make good discussion at ther 19th in Alice..:3DSMILE:

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