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Edley Rondinone 10-22-2003 10:07 PM

What is the LATEST recognition your Cobra has had recently?
What has happened to you recently? Any teen-age girls flash their boobs at you? Any old, cranky, goitery women shake their walking canes at "You loud, nasty whippersnapper" as you rumbled by? Today, I had passed, on the four-lane thru town, some Latino "conscripts" in the "forest-fire-fighting" rigs, and they were all hanging out of the windows of that Ford F7900 people-hauler. no doubt wishing they were out in a Cobra like mine, instead of on their way to fighting forest fires! So, what's the LATEST with all of you?

gary osborne 10-22-2003 11:16 PM

Was out for a little cool afternoon cruise with my bride of 29 years the other day. I was enjoying the sunshine and she was all bundled up like we were on a snowmobile rather than a Cobra. While cruising down a freeway, we had a guy come flying up beside us with the passenger window rolled down and his right hand hanging out as far as he could reach while snapping a quick photo. It was both flattering and concerning as I was worried about him losing control of his car in his enthusiasm. It wasn't ten minutes later after exiting onto a country side road that a car coming towards us slammed on the brakes and pulled to the side of the road. i thought maybe he was experiencing some difficulties. as I approached, he too was hanging out of his window, camera in hand. While I have had many people take full advantage of a photo opt at a car show or while parked somewhere, I have never had two in such a short period of time that also snapped a photo just by having a camera handy when I was on the fly. Now where are the girls with the boobs?

Jamo 10-22-2003 11:37 PM

Oh, I have a great time driving this thing around Fresno. I take it to work pretty regularly...

About a week before the Monterey Historics, I'm sitting in a barber chair, when the door comes flying open--Dick Smith asking who owned the "beautiful" Cobra parked out front. He hadn't seen mine completed, even though he had been watching my motor being built next to his. Laughed his a$$ off when I spun around in the chair. Obviously made my day.

Last week, I'm at a stop light. Watched in my mirror as a Fresno Police cruiser pulled up in the next lane on my side. I kept looking straight ahead, keeping my foot off the loud pedal. Cop in the passenger side gets my attention and asks me to "rev it up". I'm thinking I'm gonna get a fixit ticket for the pipes (they're a bit loud). I blip the throttle. He yells: "I said rev it up!" I figure I'm burned, so I just slam it up several times. Looks me right in the eye and says: "Wonderful!" The light changed and they drove off.

A few days ago, three gents walked across a parking lot to oogle it while I went into a packaging store. I spent about ten minutes telling them about the car...they just loved the heck out of it. Then Bony walks up out of nowhere, pulls a wad of cash out of his pocket and stuffs a $20 in my shirt pocket. Says: "Here's some money, go to Earl Sheib and get the dam* thing painted!" and walks off.

Every day...the young kids and the old men, the truckers along the freeway, the golfers on the course all looking up as I come's just one of those things in Americana that everyone seems to enjoy, and we are simply along for the ride.


Excaliber 10-23-2003 12:30 AM

Uh,,,,,lately? I wish!


trularin 10-23-2003 05:33 AM

In 40 degree weather... not recently.

speed220mph 10-23-2003 07:59 AM

I was parked in a fast-food parking lot waiting for a friend to go cruising when an SUV pulled in beside us. A 10-year old boy jumped out holding his arm while walked wide-eyed around the car, checking out the details.

His mother said they were on the way to the emergency room because his son had just disclocated his shoulder playing peewee football. He insisted that she pull over so he could look at the Cobra!

Ron61 10-23-2003 09:35 AM


I presume you are speaking of Bonyhadi when you said Bony. What color did you have it painted ? I heard that Sheib can paint an aluminum Cobra in 15 minutes. :LOL: :3DSMILE: :LOL:

Ron :D :3DSMILE: :)

CobraDan 10-23-2003 09:36 AM


Ask Daniel were can I get a car painted for $20.00 I might drive one out for that deal. :LOL:

flipper35 10-23-2003 01:08 PM

At a gas station I overheard a dad tell his son in thier pickup say "When he starts it, you'll hear what real American muscle sounds like." I hope I didn't dissapoint.

Bud Man 10-23-2003 01:33 PM

Last weekend at the Shelby event in Dallas.............

Two guys walk up to me and #142, reposing in the sunshine:

Q: That's an original '65 car, right?

A: Nope

The guy says s%#t! and peels off a $20, hands it to his buddy and they walk off.


cobrashoch 10-23-2003 01:39 PM

Was towing my car back from a rather famous fab shop here in Indy and got pulled over by a state cop. No ticket today says he, he just wanted a look-see and to rap. 45 minutes later I was back on the road. BTW - this guy was black, and he knew his car stuff too!

joe g 10-23-2003 02:17 PM

Pulled up to a traffic light with my Cobra this summer. The guy next to me in a new Vette yells over -shes beautiful and the car's not bad either. Had my hot wife beside me.

Thinking of Stealing My Cobra
I killed Once Before
The Second Will Be Easier

WBofTN 10-23-2003 02:19 PM

In Tennessee you have to get a policeman to inspect and sign
off on your antique tag app. - Well I happen to see a deputy (black) near the house - asked him. He said sure. He followed me to the house, I uncovered the Cobra - he looked it over - checked the serial #. The whole time he never said a word. He signed the app. The walked out of the garage and said "how do you like that Dodge"
refering to my Dodge PickUp.
Some people don't get it??

REAL 1 10-23-2003 05:13 PM

Recently two guys walked up to me and CSX 4206 reposing in the sunshine at a local car hop and said "hey, is that a REAL Cobra?"

I said "Yup"

One guys says "see I told you it was" and the other guys says !@$#% and peels of a $20 and gives it to first as they walk away.


Sorry couldn't resist.


casaleenie 10-23-2003 05:50 PM

Recently, a couple of guys walk up to a CSX 4--- reposing in the sunshine and asked the owner, hey, is that a real Cobra"?

He of course said "No , but it's a replica/copy of a car that Carroll Shelby built in the 60's".

One of the guys turns to the other one and says, "See I told you so, they only built about 1100 real Cobras".
Sorry, I couldn't resist.....:LOL: :MECOOL:

BlueRooster 10-23-2003 06:05 PM

Evans is aluminum Casa

Edley Rondinone 10-23-2003 06:40 PM

Evan...SHAME ON YOU!!! You misled those two guys. You SHOULD have asked them THEIR definition of a REAL Cobra!!! I will bet you $100 that they really meant if your car was an ORIGINAL Cobra, manufactured in the 1960's, worth well over $300,000!!! THIS is why people give you a hard time here!!!

Excaliber 10-23-2003 06:43 PM

he he he,,,,,Evan done good! He spoke the truth.


casaleenie 10-23-2003 06:56 PM


Damn! I took a shot!!!!

(thank God for the edit button, I fixed it):CRY:

Ibr8k4vetts 10-23-2003 07:10 PM

I was at a shopping center When I fire up the cobra, a geeky guy walks up with a thingy in his hand and said 93dbl. at 3', I said what?:D

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