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  1. Ken Miles and CSX2008 at Dodger Stadium, March 1963
  2. YouTube videos from Shelby American Collection on Petersen channel
  3. Information on decal @ Ken's Cobra wanted
  4. Who does Ford credit with designing '69 Shelby?
  5. Long long thread on MacDonald racing Cobra 260 at Riverside
  6. New Shelby Museum Opening in Irvine CA
  7. stolen lap at LeMans 66??
  8. GTX-1: Is the vintage racing one the real one?
  9. Anybody else notice the schnozz change?
  10. Anybody else notice the schnozz change?
  11. Article on Charlie Agapiou in British magazine now on newsstand
  12. Cobra Experience Video
  13. 1 0f 1 Code Named Daisy- the Last Cobra
  14. Old Yeller II on Jay Leno's garage
  15. Shelby American Documentary 2019
  16. Bomber jacket with Cobras & GT40s & ol'Shel
  17. Review of the Adam Carolla produced documentary on Shelby's life
  18. Review of Ford v. Ferrari, the Hollywood drama
  19. CSX 2278 article
  20. Paint code of Viking Blue 50th anniversary Shelby 289 FIA Cobra?
  21. Any Info about Dickie DiBiasse, George Clark - racing mustang/cobra mechanics in Md
  22. Hollywood's latest drama on Shelby Almost Wrapped
  23. Carroll Shelby: An Interview with the Snake
  24. USRRC Program Cover - Riverside Int'l Raceway - April 25-26, 1964
  25. Ken Miles Literature?
  26. Hemmings: Article on first Cobras
  27. The 24 Hour War movie
  28. Carroll Shelby Memorial Bench
  29. Shelby American Collection Raffle on 12/10/16
  30. Jay Leno's Garage - 1966 Shelby Hertz Mustang fastback
  31. Cobra video with a great president.
  32. Historian seeing if there is market for photo file
  33. He claims he bought one new
  34. Watch Carroll Shelby Go Racing With Ford, Narrated By The Man Himself
  35. Jerry Titus article
  36. 427 Cobra in a sea of Camaros
  37. 1965 Shelby GT350 R Mustang
  38. Dragonsnake CSX2427 Hot Rod Article
  39. Magazine Articles Posted on Facebook
  40. New Shelby book?
  41. CSX2287 is Car of the Year at the International Historic Motoring Awards (Nov 2014)
  42. Little known Small Block engine history
  43. The Winningest Shelby GT350R
  44. Loading up for the '65 Daytona Continental Mishap
  45. VIDEO: 50th anniversary of the Cobra class win at Le Mans 1964
  46. Shelby Mk V
  47. 19 Things You Didn't Know About Carroll Shelby
  48. BBC review of 50th Ann Cobra's
  49. This Car Matters: Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe (CSX2287)
  50. AC Ace and Shelby Cobra compared in Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car Magazine
  51. Shelby American opens Shelby Heritage Center in Las Vegas
  52. 50th anniversary of the 1964 Shelby American Le Mans victory Panel Discussion
  53. Racing Heros -- Carroll Shelby
  54. Pin Verses Spline
  55. Phil Remington Tribute Book
  56. VIDEO: The History Channel's Ultimate Autos - Cobra
  57. Csx2487
  58. Cobra classified ad gallery updated!
  59. Anybody know how much $ they were asking in these ancient classifieds?
  60. Shelby in Ferrari 121LM of Tony Parravano
  61. One Year Ago Today: Carroll Shelby Dies, May 10, 2012
  62. New book in fall on Shelby American racing by insider
  63. Not really "racing history" but the Super Snake to be auctioned
  64. The Cobra powered Ferrari Testa Rossa
  65. Spotters: Which Cobras? Where? And when?
  66. Shelby History - Ken, Carroll, and ???
  67. VIDEO: Le Mans 1959 victory tribute
  68. One-of-one 427 Dragonsnake in Texas
  69. Help to identify Phil Remington at some of this pictures
  70. A.O. Smith employee 1969? Got question.
  71. Shelby Ranchero / Shop Vehicle???
  72. Fact Check: The Cobra-Ferrari Wars
  73. Shelby/Salvadori's LeMans-winning DBR1 for sale
  74. A good read!
  75. Carroll's First Cobra
  76. Interesting website
  77. Video: Freshly restored COB6008 reunited with historic drivers
  78. On the mixing of replicas with authentic old cars at concours
  79. Greenwood Tom Payne photos
  80. "Classic Motorsports" article by Peter Brock
  81. Daytona Coupe at Spa ( Kenny Brack)
  82. Le Mans Classic 2012 - AC cobra On Board Qualifying lap
  83. LA Times says 7 wives, and more...
  84. Cobra in Hot Rod mag.
  85. Roy Salvadori-1922-2012
  86. Carroll Shelby The Golden Years
  87. Carroll Shelby
  88. Original AC Ace & Cobra by Rinsey Mills
  89. Trevor Legate's New Book
  90. 1967 King Cobra, Shelby's last Comp Cobra from the 60s, photos, info and Film wanted
  91. New Cobra pics
  92. Book review of the biggest book on Shelby ever
  93. "Go LIke Hell" movie , studios awaiting to see reception to some other racing movie
  94. New book on Shelby Mustangs discounted at Barnes & Noble
  95. Mark Donohue in a Shelby
  96. Don't have the registry but do have question about CSX3013
  97. Shelby American’s 50th Anniversary @ Scottsdale
  98. My Tribute to Carroll Shelby and the Cobra
  99. Bill Cosby standup talking about his Cobra (not the Jay Leno interview)
  100. colin Comers book Cobra 50 Years
  101. The Cobra Story, when ws 1st edition
  102. Shelby cobra racing film + more from the early 60s
  103. Carroll Shelby to attend Shelby American Collection event this weekend
  104. What is this, 3D biography of Shelby?
  105. Scarab Formula 1 1960 Riverside
  106. 1963 Road America Video
  107. Anyone have the new S.A.A.C. Tome ?
  108. Pantera
  109. CS2131 History?
  110. Carroll Shelby On Speed Thursday
  111. Shelby on the Big Screen (feature)
  112. Yanks at LeMans by Tim Considine
  113. Mangusta fans(the mid-engined ones)story here
  114. Is this guy doing a TV series a true gearhead?
  115. Cobra/Shelby/GT40 historian now has blog; old articles, book reviews
  116. french language Cobra magazine
  117. New SHELBY book alert, sometime in 2012
  118. Rollbar Tech/Participant Stickers
  119. Carroll's chili?
  120. Shelby book bought as basis for TV series
  121. Motion Performance 289 Dragginsnake Cobra - which chassis number?
  122. Shelby Mustang Question
  123. COBRA Bell Housing Origination?
  124. I saw the first Cobra for customers in the rain the other day
  125. New book out on Shelby Oct/2010
  126. Quail Lodge Shelby tribute, how special were the cars?
  127. Who, what, where and when?
  128. Nice Cobra book
  129. Racing at Riverside
  130. Pete Brock at Monterey
  131. "Go Like Hell" book--any news about the movie?
  132. 08/17/1966 Where we lost one of the greatest
  133. Racing at Riverside
  134. Which 289 Cobra appeared in Elvis "Spinout" (1966)?
  135. Dan Gurney Portrait & Article
  136. Interview of a Cobra book author (Legate)
  137. Restoration of Shelby Comp Car
  138. Different roll bar styles-Pics
  139. Csx 2195
  140. Carroll Shelby & Aston Martin
  141. Shelby has weakness for horsepower, technology
  142. Autosport.com - Nostalgia Forum
  143. Automotive Artist Profile - Wallace Wyss
  144. One man's bibliography (looking for foreign language additions)
  145. " When Ford Met Shelby: The story of the Shelby Cobra "
  146. Serious Carburetors Under There!
  147. Early Christmas .... mid 60`s Cobra photos
  148. 1969 Video of LeMans
  149. Csx i.d. #
  150. that new Shelby book is apparently on the market
  151. Spidey as Phil Hill? I can believe it
  152. Shelby cars in detail
  153. '59 Le Mans film on Aston Martin site
  154. Shelby Lore: Hal Donahue, raced for Shelby
  155. 427 race results / positions
  156. Cobra Photos?
  157. 1964 King Cobra on the auction block in May 2009
  158. Fresh air vents above footboxes - queery
  159. Old Nascar photos
  160. CSX2166 three nostril nose prototype--what's the latest?
  161. Shelby glove box handling book
  162. Csx 3004
  163. NASCAR 427 Las Vegas on KTNV
  164. 1952 Allard J2 raced by Shelby
  165. Shelby van
  166. Cool website
  167. Archival Photo help
  168. Pictures of CSX2323
  169. GT350's at SAAC33 - Track Video
  170. my Shelby Mustang chosen as a NY Times finalist
  171. Black Hornet GT500 any prior references?
  172. 1964 SCCA Runoffs Daytona
  173. I'm Looking for Photos
  174. Shelby tire ad on ebay--yes there was a Shelby tire
  175. Shelby driving the Lone Star
  176. Ken Miles would be 90 today.
  177. Blog: History of AC Cobra
  178. The original BULLITT car is still hidden but...
  179. Pics of early races
  180. Cobra FIA Pics from 1964 Targa Florio
  181. New video
  182. Gurney/Nassau 1963
  183. WTB: Vintage Team Shelby Raceing Suit
  184. Shelbys Corvette at Pebble:one project that died a-bornin'
  185. GT 350 Prototype on Ebay
  186. Dash layout Cobra 289 USRRC
  187. New new Shelby book by veteran writer
  188. Google Preview, frightening prospect to all authors
  189. From Year One
  190. New Shelby book but not by me
  191. Vintage Race Pics??
  192. Wyss, Legate, Friedman, Mills.. Where's the 427 book???
  193. The SAAC Register. One site lists Shelby as author
  194. Jerry Heasley ripped on SAAC site
  195. paint formulation
  196. 427 Cobra raced in Mexico?
  197. Shelby sues Brent Fenimore
  198. Adam Carolla is doing domestic Top Gear show
  199. Shelby racing Corvettes, any info. on cars?
  200. bondurant racing photos
  201. Shelby to be honored in Detroit
  202. Not Racing History but history...
  203. Fate of the Shelby Indy car?
  204. Why does Shelby like the number 98 so much?
  205. Trying to identify white 289 Cobra Blue Ribbon
  206. New book by Scalzo will have Shelby in it
  207. Appraise my car /Episode 3 HD Discover channel csx 289
  208. Not a Shelby but...an interesting tussle
  209. Ads for Shelbys /Cobras in regional race programs
  210. Contact for John Barnes, memorabilia collector?
  211. Shelbys family tree
  212. First Cobra engine given to painter?
  213. Mustangs in Custom Car Caravan.'64 or '65?
  214. CSX 2009 For Sale
  215. performance data
  216. 1964 Sebring Decals????
  217. Houston Dragstrip Action from yester year
  218. owner of CSX2169, i have photos
  219. New book, two chapters on Shelby GT350
  220. Any significant differances between recent GT500 concept and production?
  221. Boo boo in Mustang history book?
  222. National Mustang Museum?
  223. Rohm & Haas Mustang?
  224. OSI Mustang, not a Shelby but ever heard of it?
  225. New magazine on SHELBY on the newsstands now
  226. Cobra Salt Flat Racer
  227. csx 2399
  228. Bob Holbert passed away
  229. I did a webcast last night talking about the Shelby King Cobra
  230. Cobra book in German?
  231. Shelby LAX location
  232. 6,000,000.00 289 FIA roadster
  233. Goodwood 2007 and Cobras
  234. New magazine, recommended, on hi-po Fords
  235. "The Cobra-Ferrari Wars" book on sale at Motorbooks
  236. Anybody familiar with the Mustang GT/CS
  237. How long was the Cobra Guinness's fastest-accelerating production car?
  238. Dave MacDonald testing new Cobra hard top!
  239. Color of Sam Feinstein's 427 Cobra pre-green
  240. Two Continuation Car Questions
  241. Ac ??
  242. How much did you donate?
  243. Picture of Shelbys movie star wife
  244. Information wanted about "Ken Miles Medal"
  245. Looking for 60s so-cal programs/driver's lists
  246. CSX3051 History
  247. Got to know when to fold them...
  248. The Man Who Keeps Track of CSX2000 & CSX3000 Cobras
  249. This Month in Cobra History - June 1965
  250. GT350 by Zagato (Eye-talian carrozzeria)